Working with Expiration Human Task on Oracle Soa Suite 11g


I had that to implement an expiration process and go to leave the main steps here:

1- Creating a new Application: File -> New -> Generic Application -> ApplicationExpirationHT
2- Adding a project to application: Project Name: ProjectExpirationHT Project Type: SOA
3- Select: Empty Composite and click at Finish
4- Make a drag and drop of BPEL Process to your composite.xml screen PS: Choose One Way BPEL Process on template combobox
5- Go to file BPELProcess1.bpel in design mode and drag and drop a Human Task Component
6-Double Click in the green human task icon, click at the green plus button
7-Add a Task parameter, for this example i will make the default input parameter (string), that i will use to set the time of expiration (on duration format)
8-Here goes the magic point; Add the custom outcome action called “EXPIRED”
9-This is the final configuration screen. Your screen should like this:
10-Edit your Humantask1.task file and add an user assignment (weblogic is the default user)
11-This is the main configuration for the task expiration (Deadlines): Check “Expire After” and select the task parameter that exists in your payload variable, for this example is inputstring (/task:task/task:payload/task:Parameter1)
12-This is the final step, when your task expires, will be enter on Expired branch and you could make other things when the task expires
Important Tips-

  1. Your payload parameter should be in a DURATION Format, here is an example (P0Y0M0DT0H0M0S). Here is more details about this default type:
  2. When you set the Deadlines on your .task file, the expression for duration should be a parameter of your payload, because the rest of task parameters is READ-ONLY
  3. If your bpel is already created and you want to add the expiration validation, don’t worry, you cannot to recreate all flow, it is enough to add a new branch, copy of the others outcomes expressions and change the status task to EXPIRED, it works !
That is it people, if have any question, invite a email for me or better, add commentary for this post and i can help you !

2 thoughts on “Working with Expiration Human Task on Oracle Soa Suite 11g

  1. Hi Victor,

    I am working in oracle 11g. Could you tell me if the instance gets expired automatically then the outcome is going to be “EXPIRED”.

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