Month: September 2015

[Python] – XML Validator against XML Schema (XSD)


This is the code:

from easyxsd import *
import sys

# Load XML Schema (.xsd file)
xsd = xsd_from_file(sys.argv[1])

# Load XML File
xml = xml_from_file(sys.argv[2])

# Validate
list_errors = validate_with_errors(xml, xsd)

# Open output file (validation response)
f = open(sys.argv[3],'w')

for error in list_errors:
    f.write(str(error) + '\n')


mime_exeDownload here an executable version for Windows

To execute:
validate_xml.exe C:\Documents\MyFolder\schema.xsd C:\Documents\MyFolder\myfile.xml C:\Documents\MyFolder\outputvalidate.txt

The shortcut works too:
validate_xml.exe schema.xsd myfile.xml outputvalidate.txt